Mumbai- the city of scintillating dreams, the city that never sleeps, the city of contrasts, the financial capital of India, the city that houses the biggest slums in the world, the underworld capital in India, the Bollywood capital, a melting pot of people from all over India and immigrants. Some see only filth and squalor in this city, some close their eyes and try to look at only the high rises and malls that arise. Most whine at the traffic and the egregious condition of travelling in the local trains while many others turn up their noses at those who have to travel so much! A city where real estate prices are among the highest in the world but a city where poorest still manage to find a roof over their heads. Mumbai is a city we love but also love to hate.

My tryst with Mumbai began as a kid when I studied till about Class 5 here in a suburb. After moving to several other places in between, life has come to a full circle when I returned some years later.  As a kid, I fondly remember having an annual trip to some of still touristy spots –the Gateway of India, Prince of Wales Museum, the Taraporewala acquarium and the shoe garden. The annual school picnic used to go to the Powai lake garden each year. My life of course revolved around school, homework, and playing with the neighboring kids.  On coming back, I realize, Mumbai is much much more than the handful of places I used to visit. It is a moving throbbing mass of intertwined lives that gives it its dynamism and keeps it going.

In this blog, I hope to take you through some of the never-ending facets to this city, some places I visit and photographs that can give you a glimpse into the good and bad of what the Maximum City of Mumbai is all about!

Happy roaming.

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