India. To the world, India is where the Taj Mahal is, where the mendicants are, where ‘Hindoos’ worship Gods with many hands and heads and where it is extremely crowded.  These are enduring images and perceptions but Incredible India is all this and so much more! Although we cannot boast of India Shining while the economy is still Whining, what we still own are bragging rights for the culture, tradition, history and natural beauty that always manage to cheer!

One size doesn’t fit all, but the good news is, there is something for everyone.  History seekers can delight in grandiloquent monuments, fine sculptures, palaces and ancient ruins while leisure vacationers can relax on the peaceful beaches that dot the huge coastline or find peace at the healing hill-stations and calm backwaters.  Adventurers can challenge themselves on the rugged Himalayan peaks while forest safaris can enthrall others.  Shoppers can let themselves loose on the variety of merchandise to choose from colorful markets while the foodies can gorge on the varied cuisines in different parts of India. With 28 states, unique traditions continue to intrigue local and foreign tourists alike and there never seems to be a dull month in the festive hullaballoo in the Indian calendar!

I am exhilarated to embark on this journey of exploring India and share it with you on this blog. It would be equally delightful if you share your experiences with me or any feedback for me.

Happy roaming.


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