Travelling with a Toddler: Part 3 – Sightseeing

Continuing the ‘Travelling with a Toddler’ series, here is the concluding part on Sightseeing and everything else you need to know.


Most developed countries have decent footpaths and walkways, so it is a great idea to carry a pram (stroller) while you sightsee. It is very likely that you will be out for long hours, and your baby may be able to sleep in it. A good quality stroller that has a good suspension system for bad roads and one that reclines fully and half way for her to sleep comfortably is an absolute must.

You are going on a vacation with your kid. Don’t just visit museums and churches that she understands little of and will be impatient to leave! Also take her to the nearby park, the beach or wherever else she would enjoy too! Ask the tourism office for kid-friendly places and they will tell you a host of places. We took SSS to little parks in the neighborhood wherever we were, lounged around in open squares where she enjoyed playing and gave her space and time to enjoy her vacation too!



Other pointers

  1. The most important of them all – Go slow! If there are ten things you need to see in 2 days, rest assured you will be able to do only 4 or 5! Either extend your trip or prioritize the places you want to see. Between your baby’s nap times, food times, play time and tired time, you certainly won’t be able to see it all! You can also consider splitting a few places with your travel partner such as climbing 400 steps of a cathedral where it may not be a great idea to take her. Let him see what interests him while you look after the baby and you see what you like while he takes care of her. And..we took her up those 300 odd steps in St Peter’s Basilica and I don’t know how I made it!
  2. First aid/Medicines – Talk to your pediatrician and find out what medicines you should carry if required in a foreign country. Also carry the receipts for these if they are required in customs.
  3. Pack light – It is highly probably that your kid’s bag is heavier than your own with extra clothes, toys and diapers! You need to compensate by packing light for your own baggage!
  4. Buy at your destination – Don’t pack what you can buy at your destination. Such as extra diapers apart from those you will require while travelling and for a day more, certain food stuff etc.
  5. Time zone changes – For a substantial difference in time zones you will have to give her two-three days to adjust to a new timezone. Manage your schedule accordingly.

I hope this series was helpful if you are planning to travel with a kid. Although, as someone said, it may scare others into not travelling with a baby! Happy Travelling!

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15 thoughts on “Travelling with a Toddler: Part 3 – Sightseeing

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  2. Now those are some good pointers ..

  3. Milind

    Great blog as usual. Keep travelling and blogging.

  4. Jatin Adlakha

    good helpful series indeed. I wil come back to this, one day 😀 😀

  5. Have read through the entire series and the information is interesting and very useful especially for those traveling with toddlers:0

  6. A really helpful series of posts for some friends of mine. 🙂 Will forward it to them!

  7. Very useful, Richa. I remember how the stroller was a constant companion. And yes, one needs to take it slow with toddlers. I remembered that I automatically gravitated towards kid-friendly sightseeing options. Amusement parks were fun too. And food, was a challenge sometimes especially since they do not get home cooked food for some time. With my elder son, I had traveled to Scotland alone where my husband was on a project. Just getting him dressed in all those layers used to drive me nuts. And, I had to keep telling him innovative stories to keep him engrossed so that he wouldn’t ask to be carried. 🙂 Fun memories those were.

    • The stroller was certainly a life-saver! Couldn’t have done all that walking without it! Each phase is so different as the babies grow up! I am sure you have fun with the boys in a completely different way now as compared to then.

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