‘Scubadooing’, Louis and Nola

The little island country of Mauritius is an island country and a very popular destination for everything related to H2O and the sea. Swimming, fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling, water skiing, dolphin watching, sea food, sunset cruises are widely enjoyed by tourists and locals. Very very unfortunately, I don’t know how to swim and being a vegetarian, cannot eat seafood! So, from all the above, all I could attempt was a cruise, and that too gave me a headache! I was pretty sad that I couldn’t behold all the wonders that the sea world held below under a few hundred leagues under the sea, till technology intervened in the form of a ‘Scubadoo’ scooter that promised to take me down under without me know how to swim!

Driving along, we stopped by a little board on Scubadooing near the beach Trou aux biches where we first encountered Louis. This cheerful gentleman gave us an appointment the next day for going under the sea on the Scubadoo scooter without being able to swim.

We wore our watersuits to keep us warm in the water we were to enter in and away we went in Louis car to the beach for a little ride on a boat. The trained divers helped us on to the sea scooter and lowered us into the water. My heart rate certainly went up and I thought I would drown not being used to so much water! And once in there, it was a whole new world and the equipment let me breathe normally with the water not even going above my neck.  It was fantastic to see nature in a new setting and I marveled at the gorgeous fish that swam by. I do feel, the creative department of the Creator has crafted the most gorgeous patterns, colors and shapes in the sea world rather than on land (if one were to except butterflies). Fish with yellow polka dots, silver streaks, gold stripes and endless other unique designs flitted by as I watched in wonder and the 30 minutes went by without my realizing it.

True to his word, Louis, took us back to his home where his talented wife Nola had prepared a feast for us with delicious ‘wadas’ and samosas with chutney and coffee.  There our host started talking to us, and boy, was he entertaining and knowledgeable! Louis and Nola were originally South Africans we learnt, who had come to Mauritius when Louis quit his lucrative corporate job at an insurance company to start his own business. His love for the sea lured him to start a business around water activities. He proudly told us that he was one of the two or three service providers in the world for the Scubadoo which he had brought from Australia.  Being in the service industry for so long, he had realized that service quality was of utmost importance and that’s why the best divers, perks such as photography included in the fees, and even the snacks. He genuinely wanted to make people happy and went the extra mile to do it. In fact we were amazed to know how they customized even the snacks for their clients and even served Jain food!  There certainly were several lessons in importance of service quality learnt in our conversation with him.

Thanks to the Sunday being his weekend (Mondays being off for their service), Louis and Nola were relaxed and chatted on about their surprise that most Indians (even the migrant islanders) did not know how to swim and we had to shake our heads and mumble about bad infrastructure in India. But apparently he knew about India more than we did including histories of Manmohan Singh, the Congress party, the businesses, the culture, and problems! An islander he certainly was, but had his eyes and ears across the world.  It is rare to meet people as lovely and hospitable as Louis and Nola! I hope Nola gets to meet with her grandkids more often (again across the world in South Africa, France etc.) and Louis does really well in this business of his!

If you do visit Mauritius, do visit Louis and Nola for Scubadooing and a host of other services they provide.  I am sure you will have a great time! Check out http://www.scuba-doomauritius.com/ for more details and contact.

Louis and Nola

With the fish

Pretty fish – pic courtsey Scubadoo team

Sunset at Trou aux Biches

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14 thoughts on “‘Scubadooing’, Louis and Nola

  1. Scooby Doo..er.. Scubadooing scooters, H2O, Luis and Nola! Trust me, I relished every bit of it; I could even smell the wadas, samosas, chutney and coffee! Now that I am also both a vegetarian and a non-swimmer, you have infused so much hope in me with your exhilarating account. Those are beautiful images, especially the underwater scooter and the setting sun. I would love to meet Louis and Nola if and whenever I land in Mauritius.

    • :). Yeah, I had almost given up hope of seeing the world down there till Louis and Nola cheered me up! Lovely couple them, and we were really fortunate to catch them on their day before the weekend!

  2. When I was with Air India we used to go pedallo-ing and watching the beautiful coral and fish through glass bottomed boats. But scubadooing sounds even more wonderful. And Luis and Nola even more so!

    • Welcome to this space. Yes, we also did the fun glass bottomed boat ride. Seeing the fish down under was indeed very different and amazing!

  3. I was very reluctant to leave the resort, Richa where I was busy reading my latest find. 😀 But this was worth it, even though I only smelled the samosas and wads and could not eat it.

    • So much to see, so much to do and we also want to just chill and find the time to ‘stand and stare’. We wish we could just have it all, don’t we :). I am sure you will be quite happy to leave the resort, mingle with the people, and discover more!

    • they wished he was rudy giliuani. i don’t remember what mr. brown said to that. i think i would have just said, well, sir you’re free to indulge your personal fantasies, but i’ll stick with reality oy. i think i would go postal. it’s so annoying that they either have no clue about or choose to ignore what FEMA’s function is. little hint: it ain’t first response. or as most people i’ve talked to in florida say, they show up with a checkbook afterwards.

  4. You making me dreamy about Mauritius!! Wonderful read and great captures!

  5. Amruta

    Scuba Duba Doooo!!! wow what a nice felling it would have been to enjoy pristine and colourful waterworld without the fear of drowning..
    Beautiful Pics.

  6. beautiful pics

  7. Richa, your post was very captivating .I have spent half my life at sea and being a vegetarian, I know what it means:) I too have done snorkeling/scuba diving and seen the fabulous under water world of color fish and marine creatures! Keep sharing your adventures through your lovely posts:)

    • Thank you for your words. It indeed was a unique and marvellous experience under water. I loved it! Hope to see you on my page again!

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